What Is Law?


Law is a system of rules that govern human behavior and is enforced by governmental and social institutions. It is a complex and contested concept, and the precise definition of law has long been debated. Some view law as an art of justice; others see it as a science. However, no matter how you define law, it has always been a fundamental part of human culture.

Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is a concept that implies that everyone is subject to the laws and norms of a society. It stands in stark contrast to tyranny and oligarchy. The principle of the Rule of Law came to prominence in the Middle Ages when Archbishop Stephen Langton gathered the Barons of England and forced King John to live under the rules of the law. The result was Magna Carta, which preserved ancient liberties while requiring taxes, and eventually became the foundation for the United States Constitution.


Law is a system that governs people’s behavior. It helps shape our history, politics, economy, and society. And it serves as a mediator between people.


Courts of law are institutions in which a person may seek legal action for some kind of wrongdoing. The rules of court operation are called procedural law, and the legal system divides issues into questions of law and fact. The courts also have power to determine whether certain things are illegal.


Philosophical approaches to the study of contracts have two major goals. One goal is to develop conceptual categories that distinguish the law of contracts from other areas of law. The other goal is to develop criteria for normative appraisal of contracts. The first goal is accomplished by outlining common law.

Informal understanding

The informal understanding of law is the mechanism a social group uses to settle disputes. It is an ancient tradition that predates the development of the modern legal system.

Political ideals

Political ideals are at the heart of law. They entail both the recognition of a legitimate right to participate in a democratic process, and the adequacy of the rules of the political system. Both political ideals are rooted in the idea that law is an expression of political philosophy.

Conflicts between Rule of Law and other ideals

In the context of political tradition, the Rule of Law has long been an important ideal. Without taking into account its history, our modern conceptions of the Rule of Law are difficult to assess. It aims to ensure that the law is a relatively stable set of norms and standards that are open to all. It also ensures that the public is aware of the laws that are imposed on it, and it is proactive in ensuring that people abide by them.