What Is Entertaiment?


The term “entertainment” covers a wide variety of activities that give pleasure to an audience. Some examples include shows, concerts, and zoo animals. But there is much more to entertaiment than just entertainment. Throughout history, entertainment has been a popular means of bringing people together to have fun.

It includes music

Music is used for entertainment in many forms, including regular gigs, concerts, and musicals. It also serves to create atmosphere in shows. A band’s music is often used to set the stage, or to accompany a solo artist performing for an audience. This type of music has a variety of uses, and has been used for many centuries.

It includes zoo animals

Zoos play a vital role in the conservation of animals. Many species are threatened with extinction and zoos act as safe breeding grounds for these animals. Climate change and pollution can destroy their natural habitats, but zoos can mimic their environment and save these animals from extinction.

Zoos are also a haven for injured animals. Many zoo animals are protected by law, such as CITES, an international treaty that governs trade in endangered species. CITES protects the lives of endangered species by restricting their movement, trade, and consumption. Animals listed in Appendix I and Appendix III are protected the most under CITES, while those listed in Appendix II have the least protection. Membership in CITES is voluntary.